The Newcomb/Aldrich/Kemper Family Pages - Credits

These web pages are possible because of the hard work and research by Helen Everett (Newcomb) (1910-1982). Her work is the basis of a large percentage of the information in the site. During those years she worked on the genealogy, an occasional package would be received by family members. In it would be the latest genealogical record, or, perhaps, a transcription of Chauncey Aldrich's Civil War diary, or a copy of the letters written by Alice Russell to her family in Illinois about the life in frontier Colorado. At the time, I didn't understand the interest in, much less the importance of such things. I do now, and regret never having taken the time to get with her and discuss what she was doing.

Another prime source of information has been the Newcomb Genealogy book. "Andrew Newcomb (1618-1686) and His Descendants", Bethuel Merrit Newcomb, privately printed for the author by The Tuttle Morehouse & Taylor Co., New Haven, CO., 1923.

Thanks to many members of the family who have provided much of the present day information on this site, and to visitors to these pages who have emailed me with additional information.

These pages were developed by Bob Newcomb in Brea, CA

Please email me at if you have any questions, comments, corrections, or additional information you think I might like.

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