Chauncey Soper Aldrich

Born: November 8, 1833 in Plymouth, NY

Died: May 21, 1909 in Monte Vista, CO

Sibling(s): Drucilla Aldrich, Louisa Aldrich, Esther Aldrich, Abby Aldrich, Henry J. Aldrich, Truman Aldrich

Married: October 13, 1868 to Euphemia Dixon Van Buskirk in Canandagua, NY (Ontario Co.)

Children: Paul Irving Aldrich, Ruth Aldrich, Anne Aldrich, Helen Aldrich, Effie Merrill Aldrich (Newcomb)

                                                        Stephen Aldrich
                                  Almon Aldrich        |
                                 |                     |-Jerusha Bartlett 
      Lucius Aldrich             |
    |                            |                             
    |                            |-Juliana Ross
    |--Chauncey Soper Aldrich
    | Mary Ann Thorpe 

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