Elizabeth LeFevre (Price)

Born: ca 1776 in Frederick, MD

Died: November 1837 in Hopewell, NY (Ontario Co.)

Sibling(s): Catherine LeFevre, Henry LeFevre, Anne LeFevre (Reese), Mary LeFevre (Derr), Sarah LeFevre, Daniel LeFevre, George LeFevre, Esther LeFevre, Samuel LeFevre, Christian LeFevre

Married: February 20, 1796 to Judge John Price in Frederick, MD

Children: Salome Price (Van Buskirk)

                                                          Isaac LeFevre
                                   Daniel LeFevre       |
                                 |                      | Catherine Fierre
      Christian LeFevre          |
    |                            |                       
    |                            |-Mary Catherine Kerr
    |--Elizabeth LeFevre (Price)
    |-Ann Fierre

Note: Some records indicate Elizabeth LeFevre married George Price. Some further research in needed here.
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