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Biographies, stories, and pictures are an important part of every family's feelings of being more than just a bunch of people related by birth or marriage. So, I am trying to add a page or two whenever possible that you can see something about a family member. If there, they are linked from the person's regular page. The link is always just below the person's 4 generation family tree.

Added so far are:


Helen Everett (Newcomb) b 1910, started the research of her parents Daniel Edgar Newcomb b 1872 and Effie Merril Aldrich b 1884. They were married on July 12, 1906 in Homelake, CO. Both Daniel and Effie came from families that were early settlers of Puritan and Pilgrim Massachusetts, and in Effie's case, of New Amsterdam.

Daniel and Effie raised six children in the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado. Their children spread out all over the United States and the world. They fought in the European and Asian theaters of WWII and in Helen's case spent the war in a Japanese internment camp in Manila. The grandchildren (which includes me) have had a less traumatic life, but have continue the tradition of moving around the country.

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