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The link to reunion 2007 has photos of the gathering in Buena Vista, Colorado

These web pages began as pedigree charts of Daniel Edgar Newcomb and Effie Merrill Aldrich, who married on July 12, 1906. Their ancestors go back to Colonial America and New Amsterdam. There are 3 Mayflower passengers, veterans of the Revolutionary War, Civil War soldiers, Huguenots and pioneers of the settlement of Colorado listed here.

Since starting the web site, I have added many of Daniel and Effie's descendants (including me, a grandson), spouses and their ancestors. I couldn't resist adding George and George W. Bush, the President and the candidate. Like me, they are descendants of Andrew Newcomb of Boston, Massachusetts

Take a journey back and forth in time.

Start at the INDEX of family menbers,

Each person has his (or her) own page with a brief listing of birth, death, siblings, marriage(s) and, of course, a tree going back three prior generations. Each name listed with an underline is a link to that person's own page.

If there is additional history or there are pictures relating to that person, there will be links directly underneath the tree.


Mistakes in genealogy research are made and all too easily perpetuated. Finding and correcting the errors are not always easy. If you find an error in these pages let me know. I want to be as accurate as possible.

These pages were developed by Bob Newcomb in Brea, CA

Please email me at if you have any questions, comments, corrections, or additional information you think I might like.

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