Michael John Kemper

Born: July 24, 1957 in Denver, CO


Sibling(s): Lisa Ann Kemper (Pace) (Sullivan) , Gary Kenneth Kemper

Married: (1) Linda Jean Kingry (Kemper) 1984 in Village Grove, IL (2) Lori Ann Anderson (Kemper) 1991 in Black Forest, CO

Children: Jonathan Michael Kemper, Sara Michelle Kemper

                                   Kenneth N. Kemper
      John Aldrich [Jack] Kemper  |
    |                             |                               Daniel Edgar Newcomb          
    |                             | Ruth Alice Newcomb (Kemper) |                                          
    |                                                           | Effie Merrill Aldrich    
    |--Michael John Kemper
    |Mary Ann Johnson (Kemper)

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