Effie Margaret [Peggy] Newcomb (Barr)

Born: April 26, 1924 Antonito, CO


Sibling(s): Ruth Alice Newcomb (Kemper), Helen May Newcomb (Everett), Edgar Ephphatha Newcomb, Mary [Polly] Newcomb, Chauncey Aldrich Newcomb

Married: July 24, 1949 to Jere Webster Barr in Denver, CO

Children: James Webster Barr, Baraba Jeanne Barr (Deacon)

                                                              Daniel Newcomb
                                 Daniel Ephphatha Newcomb   |
                               |                            | Mary Ann Thomas
      Daniel Edgar Newcomb     |
    |                          |                              Charles Hazen Russell
    |                          | Alice Russell              |
    |                                                       | Mary C. Truesdell
    |--Effie Margaret[Peggy] Newcomb (Barr)
    |                                                         Lucius Aldrich
    |                            Chauncey Soper Aldrich     |
    |                          |                            |Mary Ann Thorpe
    | Effie Merrill Aldrich    |
                               |                              Abraham Van Buskirk
                               | Euphemia Dixon Van Buskirk |
                                                            | Salome Price

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