Richard Eugene Kemper

Born: July 19, 1935 in Denver, CO


Sibling(s): John Aldrich [Jack] Kemper, Don Edgar Kemper, Gerald [Jerry] Kemper

Married: Roberta Rose (Kemper) July 9, 1940 in Phoenix, AZ

Children: David Alan Kemper, Julie Ann Kemper, Patricia Jane Kemper

					      	 	       James Thomas Kemper 
                       		   John Absolom Kemper        |
                       	 	  |             	      |Virginia [Jennie] B. Goff [Kemper] 
     Kenneth N. Kemper            |
    |                  		  |			       Joseph P. Norris
    |                  		  |Annie Laura Norris (Kemper)|
    |							      |Phoebe Adelia Guest (Norris)
    |--Richard Eugene Kemper				      
    |                                                           Daniel Ephphatha Newcomb   
    |                               Daniel Edgar Newcomb      |
    |                             |                           | Alice Russell              
    | Ruth Alice Newcomb (Kemper) |
                                  |                             Chauncey Soper Aldrich     
                                  | Effie Merrill Aldrich     |
                                                              | Euphemia Dixon Van Buskirk

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