Silas Newcomb

Born: September 2, 1717, Lebanon, CN

Died: May 24, 1773

Sibling(s): Peter Newcomb, Anne Newcomb (Smith), Hezekiah Newcomb, Thomas Newcomb, Jerusha Newcomb (Cleveland), Elizabeth Newcomb (Barstow), Samuel Newcomb, Jemima Newcomb (Lamb) (Kinney), James Newcomb

Married: Mar 5, 1739 to Submit Pineo

Children: Jerusha Newcomb (Brewster), Daniel Newcomb, Submit Newcomb (Cushman), Bradford Newcomb, Hannah Newcomb, Paul Newcomb, Hannah Newcomb (Goshen), Jesse Newcomb, Calvin Newcomb, John Newcomb, Luther Newcomb

                                           Lt Andrew Newcomb
                         Simon Newcomb   |
                       |                 |-Sarah
      Hezekiah Newcomb |
    |                  |                 
    |                  |-Deborah
    |--Silas Newcomb   
    |                                      William Bradford            
    |                    Thomas Bradford |
    |                  |                 | Alice Richards
    | Jerusa Bradford  |
                       |                   Joshua Raymond
                       |Ann Raymond      |
                                         | Elizabeth Smith

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